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August 29, 2012

Long time no blogging!

So, blogiverse, I am dreadfully sorry that I have neglected you as of recent. 

I got engaged (as mentioned in one of my last blog entries), quit nannying full-time so I could apply for Child Life jobs, got two Child Life job offers (one PT Specialist through a hospice close to my area and one FT aide at a great hospital in my area) and took the wonderful Child Life Aide job, and have just been so busy trying to shape up my life and plan for my future!

Otherwise, I have no real excuses for not posting recently.  Uninspired, consumed, busy, lazy.. the usual! 

Also, since updating last, my phone has decided to go berserk and delete all my photos, contacts, apps, music, etc since about February (when I say my phone went berserk I may mean I neglected it ALSO (what is it with me neglected technology?) and so it retaliated during an update).  So, this entry will be lacking in photos.  However, I will promptly get back to documenting my every day adventures to share with you, blogians.

We have been planning our wedding lots (by that I mean I've been on pinterest a lot).  We are securing a venue in the next couple weeks.  I also may have JUST purchased my ceremony dress, despite the wedding being 15 months away.  Otherwise, we have little details all planned out and ready to go.  I think venue and invitations are the two things we will take the longest deciding on, because the other details are pretty set!  I am excited, guys!

Also in my life I have been trying to work out and get in shape (in fact my next blog entry will let you know about what I'll be doing the month of September!)  I'm going to sign up for some 5ks and maybe a half marathon, and if I can swing it, a full marathon!  I've been getting into cycling a lot, and even had my first "accident" a couple weeks ago that I am still all bruised up from (and my bike still needs to be straightened out a bit too).  While I was looking for jobs I would go out a few times a week and try to do 70-100 miles on my bike.  I am hoping soon I can start that back up again. 

I suppose those are some of the big highlights right now.  I will update soon.  Promise!

Amanda Banana

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  1. These are excuses enough for abandoning your blog! Congratulations