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August 30, 2012

The 30 Days of September

So Blogzillas,

I love setting goals.  Recently, on Pinterest, I stumbled across several types of 30-Day challenges, and one in particular caught my eye: The 30-Day Yoga Challenge!  I reached out to my best gal pal, Lindsey of Sunnyshine Studios, and we decided that we would support, encourage, and check in with each other during this challenge. 

Lindsey immediately got into the idea and sparked the details: the 30 days of September can be the 30 days we challenge ourselves, we should have a end-of-challenge goal or goals to aim for, and to have weekly check-ins with one another so that we are certain we keep on track.  I loved these ideas and had been thinking similar thoughts without having given voices to them.

So, my goals:
  •  I want to be able to do inversions- Salamba Sirsasana (headstands) without my yoga wall, and Adho Mukha Vrksasana (a handstand) even with my yoga wall.
  • I want to be able to successfully do chaturangas.
  • To be able to do splits again.
  • To find the time to do yoga for at least 30 minutes every day and make it part of my daily routine.

My expectations:
  • To tone- I will be supplementing my yoga challenge with a 300 Ab workout as well as some light running training for 5 ks and possibly working up to a half marathon training.  However, yoga has always been a part of my exercise routine that fully allows me to tone and stretch my muscles, helping me become fitter than if I simply workout without yoga.
  • To help reduce my neck and back pain- I have chronic back and neck pains, often resulting in migraines.  Pain has become something I live with most every day.  10 years ago I was in an accident where my truck flipped and spun, and since then my back has been pretty bad.  However, when I practice yoga regularly I notice my pain to be eased.   The past half a year has been excruciating pain-wise, having many pinched-nerves and resulting in many migraines and restless nights of sleep I am hoping that 30 days of yoga will help me heal.
  • To sleep better- As I already mentioned, pain sometimes keeps me awake and I believe yoga can ease that.  However, I have anxiety that often results in trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep.  I am hoping that yoga will ease all that and help me sleep like a baby.  I will be doing some specific night-time routines for this point in particular!
  • To reduce stress and anxiety- I am hoping to simply use my yoga time as a time to meditate and work on my mindfulness, which in turn will hopefully help with the previous points I mentioned as well as help me feel rejuvenated.

Yoga has been a huge part of my life for the past 6 years.  I never got into the habit of doing it as often and as consistent as I would like, I would do it for a semester three days a week and then take summer off, or not do it for half a year then do it every day for two months.  So, on this challenge I am hoping I can get into the habit of finding time every day to do some yoga, and figuring out how to make it part of my daily life. 

Years down the road I hope I can get certified to be a yoga instructor, and use yoga as therapy within hospitals or therapy sessions.

I will blog throughout my process, post pictures of poses that I am working on and allow you all to see my journey and progress!  I am excited to share this adventure with you :)

-Amanda Banana

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  1. huzzah! can't wait to begin this journey with you! its gonna be amaaaaaaazing! if you find any good videos online let me know!!! :D