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September 03, 2012

Busy September

So, it is three days into September;  day three of my 30 Day Yoga challenge.

So far this month has been insanely busy.  Saturday, a good friend of ours got married to a beautiful, sweet girl.  The ceremony was beautiful (yeah, I may have cried). It was amazing seeing these two people, who are both brilliant, kind, amazing individuals so happy with being with the other person and marrying the other person.  And the reception was a blast!  There were tons of our friends from high school that came down for his wedding.  It was great just hanging out, dancing, and acting like old times. 
Carl and Jody's first dance, they looked beautiful!
(Photo by Andy!)

 We partied late and danced lots.  The tables were all named after movie tables and we got put at the "Real Genius" table, which is amazing.  Our table was Kevin and myself, three of my wonderful friends who were also three of the groomsmen--Adam, Andy, and Sean--and their dates, Sarah, Rusty, and Ally, respectively.  The three of us ladies at the table were totally rocking some amazing bangs and looked fabulous in beautiful dresses!

We stole the boys' prop glasses, and, let's face it, we rocked them.
(Photo by Sean! But edited in instagram by SaRuff)
After we left the wedding, Kevin and I pretended like we were old people and went home, since we had a bit of a drive (we were taking care of his parent's animals about 45 minutes away from the wedding and festivities).

However, the next day we were able to meet up with a big group for brunch, and then head to the beach to spend more time with Sean and Ally and the rest of the Sullivan clan, since we don't often see any of them! Adam and Sarah came out to meet us there as well.

We got to go swimming at the beach for a bit.  The weather and water were both amazing!  We didn't get much time to lay out, because it was so late when we got there, however we had a good short trip and then had to head up for dinner!
After we went swimming!
(Photo by Sean)
We had a ton of dinner and hung out a bit with the family a couple blocks from the beach.  After dinner we decided to take a walk on the beach.  We went for quite a ways and had lots of fun.  The highlight, of course was when the boys ditched their respective girls and instead held each other's hands, the three of them, and skipped and twirled off into the sunset.

The gang :)
(Photo by some random person we asked on the beach!)
After our walk we went back to the condo and played Monty Python Fluxx (a recently discovered card game that quickly became one of our favorites!) Although Sean and Ally had never played before, Ally ended up winning! We hung out with the family some, and didn't end up leaving till WAY later than we had thought! But it was totally worth being tired and not being home all day, because it was such an amazing day!

And... in really amazing and exciting news: I will be one of Ally's bridesmaids next year!  I am super stoked, because she is such an amazing person and I love having her in my life!  I am also super excited, because Sean and Ally are just such a wonderful couple, and their wedding theme/concept is phenomenal.  I am excited to be able to help her out with any decorations.

Since we got home so late, we just did a simple night time yoga routine, some basic, calm moves.  Twists, light inversions, hip openers, etc.

This morning we finally came back home and decided we should clean our house, which was looking a bit like a disaster.  We cleaned tons for a few hours, watched some Doctor Who, and took a nap.

I set up a jewelry table in our room! 
Although, I am going to make one more hanging jewelry rack to clear up the necklace holder on the wall.
 Now we are hanging out with Adam and Sarah and watching movies and playing games.  Sarah and I both decided to make brownies tonight without communicating with the other person, so we have two batches of brownies!  Hers are amazing: chewy, white chocolate and caramel chips in them.  Yum!  Mine were made from a box, but I made the mix without adding eggs, oil, or water, and instead I just added a packet of applesauce and a banana.  Then I topped it with a peanut butter and chocolate ganache.  Yum part deux!

-Amanda Banana
Kevin and I got to be silly in a photobooth at the wedding! 
Always our favorite!

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